Ways Traveling in an RV Is a Less Stressful Way to Vacation with Your Family

Vacationing with a family comes with a lot of stress. It can be so stressful, in some cases, that some families just decide not to vacation at all.

That’s a huge mistake. Some of the strongest and best childhood memories are formed when on vacation!

If you want to stress less and enjoy your vacation more, renting an RV might be the right solution. There are many reasons why it’s a less stressful way of traveling than flying in an airplane and staying in a hotel.

You Can Save Money

One of the biggest vacation stresses is financial. Affording to take the entire family on vacation is expensive, and the more people you’re traveling with, the more expensive it’s going to be.

A single seat on a plane can cost hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, all the meals you’ll have to buy while you’re away from home are sure to cost a pretty penny.

If you play your cards right, you can save quite a bit of money by traveling in an RV, especially if you’re traveling with a family. Each night is a flat rental fee and camping fee, and with a kitchen, you can save money by cooking meals yourself.

You can save money on stuff to do too! Many RV parks have amenities like playgrounds and swimming pools. Some are located in nature, which means they kids can entertain themselves for free exploring the grounds.

You’ll Never Go Hungry

You’ll save a lot of money by not having to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole crew, but there’s another culinary benefit to traveling in an RV—no one will go hungry.

When you stay in a hotel, there’s only so much food you can keep in the room. After all, you don’t want to eat sandwiches for lunch every day!

In an RV, you have access to a kitchen, which means there are tons of meal ideas that you can cater to your family’s tastes. You can bring along plenty of snacks and desserts too, so you never have to worry about standing in front of the hotel vending machine right before bed ever again.

If You Don’t like Where You’re Staying, You Can Leave

No matter how much planning you do, it can be hard to predict how much you’re going to like where you’re staying. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for families to plan to stay in a certain area for a week or two, but find themselves bored after just a few days. If you’re staying in a hotel, you just have to make the best of it.

When you’re in an RV, you can pack up and hit the road on a whim! You can travel the entire state or cross state lines. An RV will turn your vacation into an adventure, so you’ll stress less about keeping the kids entertained.

You Can Bring Plenty of Fun Things to Do

Speaking of entertaining the kids, hotels can be pretty boring. The hotel may have a pool, but other than that, your kids will probably resign themselves to watching TV or playing on their mobile devices. Why even bother going on vacation then!

All the things you might bring to keep the kids entertained can be nearly impossible to get on a plane, but they’re easy to pack on an RV! Keep the kids entertained by packing:

  • Board games
  • Bicycles
  • Kayaks
  • Yard games
  • Water guns
  • Water balloons
  • And more

Packing Is Less Stressful

Just thinking about the process of packing can be enough to send any parent into a tailspin of anxiety. There’s so much stuff to remember, and helping the kids pack their own bags can be a nightmare.

Although you still have plenty of packing to do in an RV, it is a lot easier because not everything you’re traveling with has to go in a suitcase. Games can be packed in the storage area under benches, paper towels can be placed in the kitchen, and clothing can be put in drawers. You don’t have to worry about running out of space, and you can bring all kinds of things with you that you wouldn’t want taking up space in your luggage on the airplane.

If you’re stressed out about your next vacation, it’s time to think outside the box. Skip the airplane and hotel and go with an RV instead. The kids will have more fun, and you’ll have more fun because you’ll spend less time worrying!


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