The Porsche Boxster, why we still love it


The Porsche Boxster is the stereotypical stylish sports car and ever since its release in 1996, it has become one of the most desired sports cars in history and one which has seen more sales than any other. Here in 2017, the Porsche Boxster is still one of the most sought after cars in the world and it is sill a style icon that occupies the driveways of thousands of people around the world. So what is it that makes this car such a classic, and still a car which is relevant in this day and age? Let’s take a look.


The Boxster has always broken the rules when it comes to how much space it offers in a sports car and each new model that is released, continues this 20 year old tradition. The Boxster’s engine is mounted in the middle of the car which means that the bonnet is made available for boot space which can fit a small suitcase into. As if this wasn’t enough, the car also features a second boot at the rear which may be small, but it is still sizable enough to put your shopping bags into.


In 1996, sports cars were not known for their comfort and it was long seen as a sacrifice which drivers would have to make for the style points which they would gain, then the Boxster came along. The ride is of course firmer than a hatchback but in relation to other sports cars it is extremely comfortable and offers excellent suspension and control which gives you the sports car feel, without having to feel every bump in the road.


Parking has notoriously been a difficult move in the Boxster but on the whole it is very easy to drive and there are no specific skills which you will require in order to get behind the wheel. Newer models of the car have full automation which means that the car sort of drives itself in terms of sharpening up the brakes and managing the revs when you need that power on the pedal.


If you are going to buy a car like the Porsche Boxster, you will not just be buying it so that you can take the kids to school, the idea is to drive in a car that gives you some fun. With this in mind there are few cars which can match the fun that you can have inside the cockpit of the Boxster and it is chiefly for this reason that so many people still adore this car.


The Boxster has become a style icon and ever since its design, so many cars have doffed their cap to the stylish nature of Porsche’s most successful car. Anyone who is looking to stand out amongst their friends and colleagues, or even people on the street, should have a Boxster in their life and its iconic status can really boost your position in the style stakes.

The Porsche Boxster, 20 years old and still going strong.

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