Ways Traveling in an RV Is a Less Stressful Way to Vacation with Your Family

Vacationing with a family comes with a lot of stress. It can be so stressful, in some cases, that some families just decide not to vacation at all. That’s a huge mistake. Some of the strongest and best childhood memories are formed when on vacation! If you want to stress less and enjoy your vacation more, renting an RV might be the right solution. There are many reasons why it’s a less stressful way of traveling than flying in an airplane and staying in a hotel. You Can Save Money One of the biggest vacation stresses is financial. Affording to …

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10 French hotspots for a 2017 holiday

At this time of year it’s only natural that our minds dream of warm summer sunshine and holidays and it’s no coincidence that January is still the month when most summer holidays are sold. In this article we look at France, a destination that’s becoming more and more popular with Brits taking the short hop across the Channel to soak up the sublime seasonal delights France has to offer. Record numbers are expected to flock to France in 2016 – the once-unexplored corners of France having become a veritable adventure playground for British families. So for those giving thought to …

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A Cruise in the Caribbean – 5 islands not to miss

If you are looking to take a cruise in the Caribbean then there are plenty of islands for you to choose from. The Caribbean is like no there place on Earth with its scorching sunshine, paradise-like scenery and locals who love to eat, drink and be merry, what more could a tourist want! In order to help you choose which are the Caribbean islands that you visit, we have put together this list of Caribbean islands which you simply cannot miss. Heading to the Caribbean? Here is where you need to go. British Virgin Islands With over 200 activities available …

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Emirates First Class – a review

I love nothing more than traveling first class and one of my favorite first class travel experiences has been with the excellent Emirates airline. Last year I flew with Emirates from San Francisco to Dubai for my birthday and I was fortunate enough to get a spot in the first class cabin, a wonderful experience and the true way to travel in style and in luxury. If you are looking to fly first class then I would really recommend Emirates and here is what you can expect to find when you travel in this class.

The Space

Emirates give you small pods where you have ample space in front, behind and most importantly,  below. The space is decorated with lamps, an entertainment center and you can expect to find some ornate touches such as flowers, a mirror and a small desk in this golden pod. AS with other first class cabins, the seat transforms seamlessly into a bed when you wish to sleep and I can honestly say that I have not slept on one which has been more comfortable.

Drinks and Food

Emirates really take the food and rink service very seriously and the range of options in front of you is akin to what you would find in a swanky restaurant. When we first entered the cabin the flight attendant opened a beautiful bottle of Dom Perignon to welcome us to first class, and I particularly enjoy the Jonnie Walker Blue Label that I sipped as we took to the air. For meals we had the choice of mezze, caviar, seared pork loin, freshly cooked steak and roasted halibut, breakfast was basic but with a luxury twist and the food was served with speed and tasted wonderful.


In front of your seat you will find a 10” plasma screen with a huge range of movies, TV shows and music which you can enjoy. Everything which you expect to find from an entertainment perspective is what you will find here and I enjoyed a couple of newly released movies on my journey.


You must ask for a slot in terms of when you want to take a shower and after being grossly disappointed on my first class flight with Etihad, I was over the moon to find a shower with real luxury. The shower with Emirates had a heated floor, great water flow and plenty of space.


I loved the touches which the Emirates give you in first class, there  was the usual pajama and bathroom set complete with face creams and washes, all styled by Bulgari. The snack basket was plentiful and smart in its design, featuring snack bars, energy bars, rehydration tablets and plenty of energy boosting treats.


I love the way Emirates handle their first class customers, with professionalism and all out service, something which should come as a given in this class of flight, but rarely does. From the lounge in the airport to the flight itslelf, Emirates has proven once again that nobody does first class quite like they do, five stars!

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