A Luxury Retreat to Costa Rica

Costa Rica can make the perfect luxurious vacation spot for tourists looking for the very highest levels of comfort. Not only can you find traditional-style lodges inside the rainforests, the incredible rentals in Costa Rica along the coastline are incredible too. Here are the essentials on how to have a world-class trip to Costa Rica.

Stay in Luxury

The first way to make sure you have a high level of comfort is to find beautiful accommodation. Whether you want to stay in Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Papagayo or Playa Junquillal, there will be something here to suit your needs and expectations. Options include having your own private villa, jungle lodges and staying inside the all-inclusive. Regardless of your tastes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Costa Rica.

Explore the Country

One of the biggest appeals for tourists travelling to Costa Rica is the diversity. Large areas of the country are protected zones, and it boasts some of the more varied biodiversity on the planet. Tourists can visit active volcanoes, see sloths and monkeys living in the wild, snorkel in the warm oceans and explore historical towns. Costa Rica has it all. The last thing you want is to spend all their time inside the resort. Don’t miss out on experiencing the very best of Costa Rica.

Join a Tour

Having a tour is an essential part of travelling to Costa Rica. Guides give a detailed description of everything you’re seeing and a tour means you have transport from one place to the next. And more importantly, inside an air-conditioned vehicle. If you search online, it’s easy to find a suitable tour. Do your research on which one suits you and always go for a private guide rather than joining a group. It’s a good idea to have tailor-made trips to make sure you see and experience everything you want at your own pace.

Know How to Get Around

There are a few ways to travel around Costa Rica. For short distances, you might be better to either take a taxi or hire a driver. The second gives you more flexibility and comfort. For longer distances, consider flying. Most destinations are no more than 30 minutes from each other by light aircraft. Tickets are surprisingly affordable and often cost less than $150 per person one way. Flying will save you time and get you around the country faster. Some tourists fly out in the morning and return later in the evening after visiting Costa Rica’s must-sees in different parts of the country.

Don’t Rent a Car

Driving is both challenging and frustrating. The road conditions are poor, Costa Ricans don’t always follow traffic laws, and congestion can be a huge problem. If a vehicle gets involved in an accident, they need to stay where they are until both the police and insurance companies arrive. Inevitably, this causes a long back-log of traffic. And tourists aren’t advised to drive after dark because of the poor roads. Leave the driving to someone else. After all, this is your getaway and who wants to add the stress of driving anyway?

Visit in the Dry Season

The dry season corresponds to Costa Rica’s peak season. Between mid to late November and April, the skies clear and the sun shines all day. This is by far the best time to visit Costa Rica. If you’re relaxing on the beach, you want to be able to enjoy the warm tropical weather and work on your suntan. Especially since Costa Rica’s dry season is probably going to be winter back at home. How can you sunbath when it’s cloudy and raining? You can visit at other times of the year but enjoying the outdoor activities and savouring the natural beauty can be challenging when it rains.

Book Accommodation in Advance

Want to spend Christmas and the New Year in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise? If you answered yes, so did thousands and thousands of other tourists. Since the holidays correspond to the best weather in Costa Rica, more people want to take their end of year break here. What this means for you is the accommodation tends to get booked up. And it can sometimes be weeks or even months in advance. If you’re thinking about visiting at this time of the year, try to plan and book as far in advance as possible. Don’t miss out on the perfect accommodation because you left it too late. Some people advise that you try to book at least six months in advance to guarantee the best resorts.

Enjoy a Romantic Experience Under the Stars

Arenal is famous for its volcano, rafting and canopy walks. But it’s also famous for the hot springs. One of the most rewarding activities is to soak inside the warm, soothing waters and watch the sunset dip quickly behind the horizon. Just imagine relaxing in the tropical paradise with a glass of wine listening to the wildlife. If this appeals to you, either visit the springs as part of a day trip or stay at one of the resorts. Most people choose the second option to give them more time in the thermal waters.

Luxury in Costa Rica

Just because Costa Rica is in Central America, it doesn’t mean you can’t find luxury. Try to book up your trip and accommodation as soon as you know the time of the year you want to visit. And don’t forget to hire a driver and relax in the hot springs. Costa Rica is a real paradise on earth and is sure to provide everything you need for a luxurious vacation.

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