4 Watches to WOW your colleagues

When it comes to adding some real style to your outfit, watches are one of the best accessories which will do exactly that. Watches are not just timepieces anymore, and they haven’t been for some time now, they may tell the time of course, but they are much more a fashion statement than anything else. If you want to knock the socks of you colleagues then a sleek, stylish and attractive watch is the perfect way to do it and we have 5 of the finest watches for you with which you can blow the minds of your colleagues at work.

Lange & Shne

This Saxon watch house has been in business for over 170 years which means these guys really know their watches. One of the finest watches that the company has ever produced and one which is sure to give your colleagues the ‘wow’ factor, is the Zeitwork Minute Repeater. This watch features a decimal minute-repeating mechanism which sets it apart form the rest of its collection. This is a watch that looks beautiful with an open face with 3 dials set in a gold frame, a truly spectacular timepiece.


For those looking for a watch with rugged charm and durability, the Alpiner 4 Manufacture Flyback Chronograph is the choice for you. This watch is valued at $4,000 and features a mechanism which took over 3 years to create and features no less than 233 parts. The watch is chunky and draped in silver featuring pressure dials and a temperature gauge, for those looking for action and charm, this is the watch for them.

Audemars Piguet

In the upper echelons of watch-making you find the wonderful company Audemars Piguet, a French watch manufacturer with over 150 years of experience and one of the finest producers of watches on the planet. Some of the watches from AP run into the millions such is the crafting and materials that go into making them, we’re guessing they may be a bit out of the price range that you were looking for. Instead why not look at the RD1, a $150,000 concept watch which is simply stunning. Chunky silver, frame with an outside facing mechanism that not only tells the time, but will blow your colleagues away.

Bell and Ross

Bell and Ross like to break the rules when it comes to watch making and they have been well known over the last few decades for their square designed watch faces. The latest in the collection from Bell and Ross is the magnificent WW1-97 heritage which diffs its hat to the company’s vintage past, this is a watch which screams elegance and it features the square face that we have come to know and love, as well bronze-plated mechanics and chunky winder which finishes this watch off beautifully. As with many other watches, you get what you pay for and at a cool $150,000, this watch is more than worth its price tag.

Why not grab one of these beautiful timepieces and knock your colleagues socks off!

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