20 minute hotel workout – how to stay in shape

There are many times when you go traveling and you need to make sure that you stay in shape, without a nearby gym, many people will make the excuse that they cannot workout whilst they are away. The fact of the matter is that business travelers, solo travelers and people on vacation with limited time can still get to work and help themselves to stay in shape with a simple 20 minute workout in their hotel room. You do not need expensive equipment or a running track to stay in shape and using these cardio and body strength exercises, you can help yourself to stay in shape whilst you are away.

The Method

In order rot stay fit and add some strengthening to our workout we are going to do a 3 minute warm up, a 3 minute warm down and in between we will complete a minute and a half of cardio followed by a 2 minute strengthening exercise and then repeat until we hit the 20 minute mark. Let’s take a look at what the exercises will be to get you in shape.


There will be 4 cardio workouts in total and each one should be done for a minute and a half, with strengthening exercise sandwiched in between.

Seated Punches

With legs shoulder-width apart and knees bent, sit down as far as you can go and hold the position, strengthen you abs and punch directly in front of you until your time is up.

Skipping Rope

This is an easy one which is basically skipping without the rope, make sure that you jump nice and high and us your arms as though  rope was there.

Jumping Jacks

Basic star jumps except your hands should meet in the middle above your head at  the end of the jump.

Butt Kicks

Running on the spot with a difference as you need to make sure that your heels hit you butt with each step.


This workout will feature 4 strengthening exercises which will be carried out for a total of 2 minutes each.

Press Ups

Hands and toes on the floor, lower your body down to the floor and then push yourself back up again.

Ab Crunches

Lay flat on your back, bend you knees and and place your hands behind you head, using your abs only, slowly lift your head off the ground before repeating.


Starting off with a squat thrust and then follow it with a star jump before getting back to the floor for another squat thrust .


Take to the press up position and make sure that your body is fully perpendicular, keep your abs tight and you butt pushed down, hold for 15 seconds, rest for 5 and then start again until you hit the 2 minute mark.


This is a workout which you can do any where, any time and there are no excuses why you can’t make 20 minutes in your day to d this workout and stay in shape.


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